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Worldstone is the leading supplier of Corso long format bricks. We provide the original terracotta Corso long format bricks in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Romano is a traditional styled ancient brick that is popular due to its long format design. This is a finished building product that has both functional building properties and well as a highly sort after design aesthetic.


Different types of Corso Bricks –


Aqua Corso Brick – These are produced by a water-struck method, the colours and irregularities are obtained during the moulding stage.


Standard Corso Brick – The standard Corso brick is made out of a soft clay technology and it has a smooth texture. It is available in a wide choice of different colour combinations.


Selmo Corso Brick – The elements of this type of brick is made with the use of a soft clay technology and is available in a wide range of colour combinations.


Terra Corso brick – It is widely known for its special surface. The material of the clay is displayed and the method of making the ceramic enlarges the colour availability.


Brick 25 Terra – This brick is 25cm in length, it is a unique brick that provides a great horizontal design which is not commonly seen in today’s modern style of bricks.


The full Romano corso range of colours and finishes are available to view in our showroom.